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Insta-Gator Ranch participates in the world renowned alligator ranching program. Directed by Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, this farm was developed to conserve the American Alligator species and preserve the Louisiana wetlands.

Gator Fun!Your guided tour gives you a first-hand account of the Louisiana Alligator Industry, from hatchling to handbag. See the ultra light airplane and air boat used to harvest the eggs from the Louisiana swamp, while action film footage takes you into the wild. You'll see how the rancher locates the eggs in the marshes and cautiously removes the eggs from the nest.

See hundreds of alligators of various ages and sizes in crystal clear water. From protected walkways, you'll be able to see gators above and below the surface of the water; hatchlings of less than one foot to alligators that grow to over four feet in one year, as well as the older fellas.

Watch your tour guide hop into a pen of gators and carefully catch one. He may then look to you for help taping that gators mouth so that he can't bite anyone. Once taped, you'll be able to see the alligators ears and peer through his clear third eyelid and maybe see him walk, run or spank you with his tail.

Discover the vital role that this ancient resident has played in Louisiana's colorful Cajun heritage and learn how Louisianians have become world leaders in the Crocodilian Program of Protection.

Tour Pricing- Call for tour times. Reservations recommended.

  • Tax Exemption Forms are accepted.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • All prices subject to 8.75% sales tax.

Individual Rates- Call for tour times. Reservations recommended.

Adults: $18.00
Seniors & Military: $15.00
Children (12 & under): $12.00; Infants Free

Additional options after your tour. You need to purchase a tour to participate in after tour activities: 

Catching alligators (mouths taped, of course) $5/ person.  Children younger than 6 years old need to be accompanied by a paying adult.

Picture of you holding a four foot alligator (mouth taped) $5/photo. Your photo can include as many people as you like.

Group Rates- Reservations required

(Minimum of 25; Payment by 1) 25% Deposit Required. Reservations required to qualify for group rate.

Adults: $14.00
Seniors & Military: $12.00
Children: $10.00 (12 & under); infants free.

Special rates available for Booking Agents, Corporate Outings, Schools, Family Reunions, Summer Camps, Churches, Scouts & other Youth Groups. 

Annual Hatching Membership- Reservations Required

(Membership includes Egg Hatching, all prices per person)


 Adults: $79.98
Children: $67.98


Adults: $69.98
Children: $57.98

Annual Non-Hatching Membership- Reservations Required

(Membership does not include Egg Hatching)

Adults: $34.99

Children: $19.99

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