Alligator Wrestling

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Gator Size Min Cost Ppl incl. $/xtra person
4 foot $50.00 1 $50.00
5 foot $250.00 3 $75.00
6 foot $500.00 5 $75.00
7 foot $800.00 6 $100.00
Each participant has 10 minutes to catch, hold, wrestle & take pictures with an alligator (mouth taped shut)

About The Experience

Each participant will have 10 minutes with the alligator of your size choice.  Many like to catch the alligator on the ground and hold it for pictures.  You may have to deal with its desire to get out of your grip, go into a death roll or you may even have to chase it if it runs away.  Just be extra careful if it choses to stand its ground.  Larger alligators can be placed on your shoulders, which makes for a great picture and lots of laughs if relieving itself on your shoulders.  You can sit on the back of a 6 or 7 footer.  Sitting on the back of a 4 or 5 footer is not likely an option.

These are alligators born on our ranch that have received excellent care, resulting in an animal that is bigger and stronger (heavier and more massive) than the same length alligator in the wild.  Though not from the wild, they are every bit as wild as their wild relatives.  Being wild means unpredictable.  They will move when you want them not to and they will be still when you want them to move.  Don’t expect them to perform like Flipper.

We guaranty that you’ll leave with many great memories and the pictures to prove it, but you’ll need the photographer because we’ll need to be hands free and available to assist you whenever necessary.

A Bit About Size

A 4 foot alligator can be held by anyone, over 8 years old with intention.  Meaning if your intension is to hold it; you can, but if your focus is on everything else besides holding on. You will have trouble.

A 5 foot alligator can be held by people with a medium to large grip, generally larger people.  It requires grip strength, as well as size of grip.  For smaller people it will require hugging the alligator and holding on tight.

A 6 foot alligator cannot be picked up, except by experienced, strong people,. We can give you the guidance but without direction the alligator will very likely get the better or you, resulting in him getting away from you.  This size alligator is heavy, so you won’t want to hold it for more than a minute.  Holding it on the ground is of course easier.

A 7 footer cannot be picked up by one person, other than possibly the Rock or for those as old as me, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

All Alligators used for wrestling have their mouth’s taped shut.

A Bit About Safety

If you follow our instructions, you should be safe.  We have handled over 50,000 different alligators, multiple times and can count the times we have been bit on all ten fingers and all 9 toes (just kidding).  Though we have all fingers and toes, we have been bit dozens of times and gotten stitches about 5 times.  That’s why you will never come in contact with an alligator with no tape on his mouth.  Also, don’t worry, we have never had the tape come off of the alligator’s mouth, so that makes the odds of you getting bit over 100,000 to 1, but it’s not impossible.  Don’t worry about our experience.  We have been doing this for 32 years and we know enough to know that we will need to require you to sign a Release & Hold Harmless Agreement (Not kidding).