Guided Tour

(12 & under)

Senior & Military
(65 & up or Military ID)

(13 & up)

Little boy touching baby alligator

The History of the American Alligator

We’ll take you back to the days of the dinosaurs, where the journey of the American Alligator all began. We’ll take you all the way up to the present, discussing the 23 species of crocodilian. You’ll have the opportunity to get up close with a Nile Crocodile and feel the teeth and claws of one of our baby American Alligator.

The Alligator Ranching Program

You’ll learn how the Louisiana Alligator Ranching program was created and how it benefits the American Alligator as a species and helps to preserve Louisiana’s wetlands from Coastal Erosion! We’ll show you first hand what an Alligator nest looks like and how we go out into the marsh every year to collect our Alligator eggs.

Man showing alligator eggs to group of people
educational speakers on alligators

Tour through our Temperature Controlled Barns

Your guide will take you through our temperature controlled Alligator barns, where you will get to feed and see Alligators ranging in size from babies to 8 feet. Your guide will get into the water with our Alligators and catch a 4-footer for your group to take a closer look and feel the scales and teeth!

The Anatomy of the American Alligator

We’ll teach you about the Alligator’s impressive physical traits that have allowed them to survive since the days of the dinosaurs. Your guide will show you the triple eyelid, the ears, the scutes on the back, the belly scales, the nostrils. You’ll have the opportunity to touch and feel one of our 4-foot Alligators while under the control of your experienced guide.

alligator greeter seminar